I Believe Every Woman Is Magnificent

Be as confident as you are competent.

Why me and not another book or binder full of self-help strategies?

So many women spend their lives playing by someone else’s rules. They give to their children, partners, and professions like the “good girls” society tells them to be. Only to end up feeling confused, uncertain, insecure, stuck and still not enough.

I am here to tell you that every woman has the strength and power to change her story. At any point.

That we can all choose empowerment over fear.

I know, because I have made that choice. And I’ve helped hundreds of other women make it too.

I’ve been in the trenches.

An abusive first marriage. A career in education back when it was a “good ole’ boys club,” where I was told to keep quiet and “not rock the boat.” Even with my red power suit, I felt powerless.

When my second husband passed away from ALS in 1997, the ground fell out from under my feet. I was overwhelmed, lost, scared, and alone.

But the masks and muzzles finally came off. From a place of pain, I discovered my own power and sense of place in the world.

I knew in my bones that while I couldn’t control life’s events, I could control my response. That I hold the key to my happiness, my peace, my JOY.

I chose to STOP caring what other people thought. And started being true to me. From that moment everything changed. The course of my life shifted, as if by a divine force.

My heart and gut told me I was to spend the rest of my life guiding women to see in themselves what they can not see—to free themselves from pain, fear, and confusion.

It is time to finally come home to yourself and feel at home in your world. I know it’s possible. And I’m here to see in you what you cannot yet see in yourself. (That’s kind of my superpower.)

Are you ready to feel stronger, more confident, and more in charge of your life?

Like credentials? Here are a few of mine…

Leadership Institute of Seattle MA, ABS


Erickson Coaching International Certified Professional Coach


Art of Feminine Presence Level 2 Licensed Facilitator


“I’ve finally realized a genuine confidence from which to shine in grace, wisdom, and love.”

Debbie Grant- Retired Financial Planner