Wall of Wonder Women

Living Her Best Day Ever—Every Day

Bonnie Saw in Me What I Couldn’t

I want to say how inspiring you are to me and to so many women around the world, actually. Just this morning, I finished teaching my Art of Feminine Presence class and I was thinking, WOW if it wasn’t for Bonnie who had believed in me and saw something that I never saw in me to invite me to an Art of Feminine Presence intensive weekend, which was a very pivotal point in my life, I wouldn’t be teaching these classes this morning and to share this beautiful work with other women. Thank you so much. I love you and appreciate you.

Christine Webb- Feng Shui Practitioner & AFP Facilitator

So Practical and grounded but it feels like MAGIC!

It isn’t magic, our work together is very practical and grounded, but it totally feels like magic! My sessions with Bonnie seem to really build on what the other has brought forward, and the outcome couldn’t have been accomplished by either one of us on our own. It is a delightful process and I often feel in awe of how much synchronicity and functionality arise when we work together. Bonnie has such a pure heart and intention and her stories and guidance are insightful, relevant and flavored with a wonderful dose of humor. She is wise, compassionate and can see who I am, as she holds the space for me to discover myself in a new light.

My work with Bonnie has inspired an uplifting and faithful orientation towards my future. I stand taller, I speak with more confidence and I have a mighty vision for what comes next. Our miscarriages are behind me now and are a deeply honored part of my life and learning. My health is recovered, and I’m grabbing my husband’s hand as I learn to lead my way into my vision of a happy, healthy, nurturing family.

Trina Metz- Senior Analyst, Governance

The Clear Answer to All My What Ifs

I’ve often wondered if the ‘woo woo’ can really be experienced. Like…REALLY, even when I don’t feel anything needs ‘fixing’ and I am not really ‘missing’ anything. I had a two-hour ‘Bonnie Earl experience’. It was feminine magic. Pure. Logical. Easy. Painless. What I learned from Bonnie allows me to hone in on confidence, get real and stay the moment…AND, I am in control of how long that moment lasts. Mic drop. Insert goosebumps. You are such a blessing my life, Bonnie. Thank you again!

Sheri Beatty- Independent Clothing Stylist

Who Knew This Was Possible

Bonnie is a rare woman who I trust to coach and support me in my personal life and in my business development. Bonnie is grounded, real, present and passionate about her service to others. And she tackles big stuff in a way that is FUN and EASY! Who knew this was possible!

I am absolutely clear now and have confidence that my precious relationship with my daughter will move up another notch in closeness and authenticity. In the past, I was not even able to express my “why” however Bonnie drew it out of me in the simplest yet most profound way. And now, it’s a new way for me to vulnerably connect with “my audience” as a business owner. Sharing my “why” makes my message more meaningful for people.
The how of what Bonnie does is difficult to convey. I encourage you to book time with her to experience it for yourself. I have no hesitation in recommending Bonnie to women seeking support and coaching that will powerfully move you forward in your life and work.

Kirei Yasunori- Owner, Evolved Health

Surviving to thriving-Personally & Professionally

There’s a Buddhist proverb that comes to mind when I think of Bonnie Earl…When the student is ready, the teacher will appear… I was so ready! Ready to stop just existing and going through the motions day after day. My journey with Bonnie has changed ME and transformed my life. I’m now LIVING every day in JOY and with happiness. My business is thriving, I have focus and confidence. And I love the adventures that come my way.

One of my favorite sayings is, Life’s a journey, not a destination. Well, I’m on one hell of a journey…thanks to Bonnie!

Darlene McBeth- Owner, Declutter SOS

I Really Can Have It All

I’m still amazed and delighted to discover how each and every time I get together with Bonnie or speak with her on the phone when I’m confused with work, family or creativity, she helps me access the answer I’m searching for. She has an intuition about what will best serve her clients. This instinct has been cultivated through a vast pool of experience with students, coworkers, family, friends and the sometimes-harsh school of life.

Bonnie has had her fair share of adversity, however, she has found her way through whatever might have immobilized her in the past and grown into an outstanding teacher, mentor, coach and trusted friend.

You never know what unique and remarkable lesson will come out of a conversation with her. Even during a social gathering, Bonnie is a guide. She sees lessons in all aspects of life and with her vast knowledge of psychology and human nature, she offers a bright light even in the darkest of days. Bonnie Earl is a breath of fresh air, take the leap and discover for yourself how to inhale life and live your Best Day Ever.

Shauna Marie MacDonald- Owner, Happy by Design

Navigating Life more easily and maintaining my focus and balance!

When I met Bonnie, I was having some health and mobility issues plus seemed to have a lack of focus. Through the group and individual coaching programs that Bonnie provides, I regained my focus on what’s essential in my personal and business life. I am now enjoying more health and vitality than I have experienced for many years. Even when life throws curve balls, I can navigate these more easily and maintain my focus and balance. There is greater confidence, creativity, ease, flow and joy in my life. Bonnie helps me see anything is possible.

Barb Kennedy- Proprietor at Airbnb