Attract more awesomeness with practical strategies and heartfelt support

Say what you think. Get what you need. Live how you want.

YOU are the author of your life
(But we can ALL use a little help rewriting old scripts.)

Women in Community-5 Week Course:

Women today walk around feeling a gnawing emptiness that we can’t name. We have an almost-desperate loneliness that humiliates us, disrupts our sleep, derails us from ourselves. We do everything for everybody. And yet we feel there’s something wrong with us. Despite all our efforts, we’re still not enough—we feel unfulfilled, uninspired, and resentful. It doesn’t have to be this way. Boost Your Confidence and EXPLORE Your Power.

In this 5-week class, you will:

  • Learn to be your own best friend (put your oxygen mask on first)
  • Let go of the monkey mind chatter and get into your body, so you can get clear on what you want and why
  • Become a woman who sets boundaries, speaks her truth and attracts the attention she wants

If you’re looking to explore a new way of being and are craving a community of like-minded women to support you on your journey this is your program.

Please note: to keep this experience intimate, spaces are limited to 9.

1:1 Coaching Package

All too often, we want to make a change, but struggle to put ourselves out there for fear of being judged—as arrogant, or pushy, a “bad mother” or just not enough. Fear STOPS us from being the woman we are meant to be. Clear Your Fear and DISCOVER Your Power.

In this package of 5 coaching sessions, tailored for you, you’ll discover:

  • What you want and why (and how to get it)
  • Fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Practical strategies and a clear plan to move you forward at your own pace

You’ll discover an identity transformation: from confusion to clarity; clarity to confidence; confidence to courage – from power-less to power-full.

One Year Mastermind

Women have been taught in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to give away their power. Maybe you’ve been told to, “Be quiet! Don’t rock the boat!” Or felt like you just can’t be yourself. But despite the disempowering stories you’ve been telling yourself, you CAN step into your power in all areas of your life. TRANSFORM Your Pain and Step Into Your Power. It starts with self-love, having a trusted guide, and a supportive group of like-minded women to witness you on your journey. And it takes time. In this year-long mastermind, you’ll transform your life with 1:1 coaching and an intimate community of like-minded women. Together we’ll:  

  • Rewrite old scripts and create new, more empowering ones
  • Reconnect with our bodies so we can listen to our inner wisdom and create the change we’ve been craving for so long
  • Achieve real change and growth with hands-on support from me and your mastermind community (this is where the magic happens)

And a WHOLE lot more. If you’re serious about finally achieving real change, request a free strategy session to see if this is a good fit.

Bonnie Earl Live-Public Speaking & Special Events

Are you organizing a women’s empowerment event? Then give me a call and let’s chat. Sharing my strategies and stories with a live audience is one of my favorite ways to connect with women. I am happy to customize my talks to your audience. Here are some of my signature topics:

Show Up. Be YOU.

Wonder Women WAKE UP!

The POWER of being SEEN

You deserve to be seen and heard

And when you stand in your power and speak your truth magical things happen.

Amazing people come into your life. Opportunities open up for you. More importantly: you become real—you become the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

I’ve developed a unique framework to guide you step by step on your journey to strength, self-acceptance, and success (however that may look to you, not someone else)

“I’m experiencing pure joy, in the “zone” of grace, ease, and flow. I’m asking for what I want. I’m being seen and heard.”

Christine Webb